Equal Opportunities and Family Compatibility

We are dedicated to preventing the reinforcement of existing gender imbalances and stereotypes, aiming to attract a diverse team of researchers to work in this SPP. Our commitment extends to fostering a positive, constructive, and non-discriminatory work environment.

PIs and team members of the SPP are encouraged to apply for Equal Opportunities and Family Compatibility funds. Applications can be submitted using the application form linked below.

Funding support includes, but is not limited to, the following: assistance for temporarily technical staff for PIs and team members working part-time; babysitting services; child-care during seminars and workshops; additional family room fees during travel; establishment of proper home office setups; gender-related workshops and seminars; bias awareness and reduction training.

Please direct your application via email to martina.delbianco@mpikg.mpg.de with the subject “SPP2416-EOFC”.

Martina Delbianco

Equal Opportunities and Family Compatibility Manager

On behalf of the SPP2416 program committee

Start-up Funding

Early career support of young scientists during their doctoral procedures and post-doctoral phase (including Habilitation) is one of the priorities of our SPP.

Start-up funds for promising early career researchers within the SPP can be provided for up to 6 months, allowing them to begin developing independent research projects. A call for applications for start-up funds will be announced in 2025.