How to write a letter of intent


Please consider the following guide when you write a letter of intent to confirm an agreed collaboration:

1) The letter of intent should contain the following information:

  • Core expertise of the supporting laboratory
  • Specific support for the project
  • The time frame of the collaboration

2) Please provide letter of intents only for collaborations (internal or external) that are central to the project or to one of its work packages. Smaller collaborations within the SPP should be seen as plausible and therefore need no extra confirmation.

3) Please ensure that the collaboration will be established also in the case that the (internal) partner project would not be funded.

4) Please make sure that the letter is written as neutral as possible and in a non-personal form being solely focused on the scientific question adressed. It should be not longer than half a page.

Biotechnologically produced chitosans behave different

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Biotechnologically produced chitosans behave different

In a recent article published in Nature Communication it was demonstrated that biotech chitosans with specific acetylation patterns possess different physicochemical properties and biological activities compared to conventional technical chitosans with random acetylation. Sreekumar, S., Wattjes, J., Niehues, A., Mengoni,…

Structural basis for directional chitin biosynthesis unraveled

In a recent article published in Nature cryo-EM structures of chitin synthase 1 from Phytophthora sojae (PsChs1) are presented in the apo, GlcNAc-bound, nascent chitin oligomer-bound, UDP-bound (post-synthesis) and chitin synthase inhibitor nikkomycin Z-bound states of the enzyme, providing detailed…

New DFG Priority Programme

Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) richtet ab 2023 acht neue Schwerpunktprogramme ein. Einer dieser überregionalen und interdisziplinären Forschungs-Verbünde wird von Prof. Dr. Hans Merzendorfer vom Institut für Biologie der Universität Siegen koordiniert. Die Substanz „Chitin“ ist vielen Menschen von Insekten-Panzern oder…